Silverswift Outer Barrier Reef



It was a beautiful day; we checked in at the Reef Fleet Terminal at the Great Adventures counter around 8am then made our way to the boat. Tea and coffee and breads were served as guests boarded.  The trip out to the first reef site took about 90 minutes. When we arrived we got ourselves ready and snorkelled from the back of the boat.  Time spent at the first site was approximately an hour then we got back on at went to the second site. Both the first and second site was at Pellowe Reef. We had approximately 1.5 hours at the second site which allowed people to eat and get a chance to get into the water as lunch was also served during this time, lunch was a mixture of hot and cold food, and the stir-fry was my favourite. Next we continued approximately 15 minutes north to Flynn reef to Gordon’s mooring where we had also around an hour to snorkel.

The first two sites we went to were not very impressive. There weren’t much colour in the water and not much marine life to be found.  For some reason, the current was very strong at the second site and Jamie and I had difficulty swimming towards the boat which was a little scary. I wasn’t prepared to get back into the water after that experience as I was exhausted by the time I got back onto the boat but, when we arrived at the last site I got back in and I’m very glad I did as this reef site was beautiful and the water was fairly calm. There was so much more to see here then the first two sites, we didn’t have to swim far to see the coral nor find a vast range of marine life. They also ran the snorkel tour at this site which Jamie and I decided to join in for a bit but we continued on our own after the tour finished.

It was close to the end of the day and we headed back to the boat, tea and coffee and cakes were served as the guests returned to the boat. The crew came around and did a last head count and then we headed back home to cairns.

Overall I had a very nice day, I haven’t been on any other cruise only famil from Cairns therefore I cannot compare to any other company. The first two sites were a little disappointing but the last site made up for it. The staffs on the day were very proficient and vigilant as well which contributed to a great day out.

By Yer Kue – Sales Consultant at Reef Info Centre