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AJ Hackett Bungy Jump


Situated 15 km north of Cairns, the 50 metre high Cairns Bungy Tower was the first purpose built tower of its kind in the world. To date it is still the only Bunjy site in Australia, dominating the pristine jungle with it’s powerful presence and providing stunning panoramic views out to The Great Barrier Reef.

For over two decades this tower of power has been the ultimate altar on which to sacrifice one’s fear. Hundreds and thousands of people from just about every nation on earth have made the pilgrimage to this Bungy Mecca. In fact, since 1990 the Bungy Tower has played host to more than three million visitors. Set in lush tropical jungle, this is still the most spectacular place in the world to experience the thrills of Bungy.

People jump for all sorts of reasons, to be able to say I DID IT, to wear the shirt or to impress the babes. All noble reasons. However the best reason to jump is always to face your FEARS and do BATTLE with your MIND. Push yourself past the sweaty palms and the pit in your stomach to accomplish something you never dreamed you could do. Take the plunge. Show us where your PERSONAL FEAR BARRIER is and we will help you break through to the other side…

Understandably, safety is certainly one word on most people’s lips. Made of Latex rubber, the bungy cord is able to withstand 5 times the strain that is subjected to it. Bungy jumping was invented over 25 years ago. With at least 2.5 million safe jumps world wide…….think the odds are pretty well stacked up !

In Cairns, the classic Bungy Swan Dive is just the beginning. The world first Jump Menu provides true adrenaline seekers a multitude of different styles of jump. The menu ranges anywhere from blindfolds, back dives, flips and even riding a BMX off the roof! The sky is certainty no limit!!

With complimentary transfers for all jumpers, it is certainly advisable to make a day of it. AJ Hackett Cairns is equipped with a fantastic bar area know affectionately as “The Gravity Bar”. Situated right next to the jump site, its great fun to get those happy vibes rolling with some drinks and second hand adrenaline. Sunday sessions in particular are the best.

So what are you waiting for? Show everyone what your made of


Rates & Tariffs

2017/2018 Season – 1st Apr 2017 to 31st Mar 2018

Bungy Jump $179.00 per person Book Now
Minjin Jungle Swing $129.00 per person Book Now
BMXTREME $309.00 per person Book Now
Combo ( Bungy & Minjin) $269.00 per person Book Now

*Student discounts apply please call or email us for further information